Swimsuit Style

It’s officially summer, so it’s time to take out your favorite swimsuit! Whether it is a one-piece or two-piece, you’ll be having fun under the sun. However, if it’s time for you to get a new one, here are some suggestions for those hot summer days.

If you’re going to a pool party, the beach with friends, to a water park, or simply having a water balloon fight, having the right swimsuit will ensure that you feel comfortable and confident. Several retailers offer great selections for swimsuits, like PINK by Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, and ASOS.

One-piece swimsuits are typically known to be plain, but there are many different designs, colors, and patterns to choose from! PINK has as one that is lace-up and pink with a palm tree design and ASOS has one that is bardot, or off-the-shoulder, and floral, so there are different options to explore as there are new trends for one-piece swimsuits. For a bikini, you are able to mix or match the top and bottom depending on the look and style you’re going for. Urban Outfitters has a triangle racerback swim top and a matching high-waisted floral cutout swim bottom. Topshop has an embroidered mesh bikini set with a high neck swim top and high-waisted swim bottom. With these matching set options, you could select different colors or swap pieces to mix up your bikini look. You can also choose to wear swim shorts to replace a bikini bottom or wear them over your one-piece swimsuit!

Whether it is a one-piece swimsuit, a bikini, a bikini top with swim shorts, or even a one-piece with swim shorts, make sure that you feel comfortable with confidence. Let positive vibes and good times lead your summer adventures.

Featured Items

PINK | Lace-Up Front One-Piece
ASOS | Boohoo Floral Bardot Swimsuit
Urban Outfitters | Out From Under Triangle Racerback Bikini Top
Urban Outfitters | Out From Under Floral Cutout High-Waisted Bikini Bottom
Topshop | Embroidered Mesh Bikini Set

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