Millennial Pink

From clothing to accessories, buildings to furniture, food to drinks, and much more! Millennial Pink, or Tumblr Pink, has been an ongoing trend in fashion and design, but now it’s in architecture, product packaging, home goods, photography, etc. Although this shade of pink is nothing new, this year, it has caught a lot of attention from millennials. As a millennial, I have to say that I am loving this trend.

Tumblr is still a great media site to get inspiration on this shade of pink. However, Instagram has been the current go-to outlet to share love for Millennial Pink. With a soft tone to the color, it is great for photos. The side of buildings, LED wall signs or neon signs, flowers, desserts, beverages, and furniture are some examples of where Millennial Pink can be found. I happen to love photos that showcase a Millennial Pink outfit. Even simplistic photos of a green house plant in front of a pink wall is so aesthetically pleasing. With this picturesque color, you can find many ways to include it in any photo session.

The shade can be described as mix of blush, beige, and peach. However, many millennials include various other shades, some even say that any shade of pink is considered Millennial Pink. As for me, any soft shade of pink that has a beige tone to it would be Millennial Pink.

What shade of pink do you think is considered Millennial Pink? Leave a comment below! Comments can be anonymous and you do not need to leave your email.

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